Harvest Stops

Frederick Harvesting makes many stops during our summer-long trek northward across the American continent. Below is a list of stops in the order that we harvest, as well as a map to show their location. The green dot denotes our home base of Alden, Kansas The yellow dots denote locations where we harvest fall crops.


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Wheat Stops

  1. Temple, Oklahoma
  2. Altus, Oklahoma
  3. Enid, Oklahoma
  4. Richfield, Kansas
  5. Alden, Kansas
  6. Plains, Kansas
  7. Walsh, Colorado
  8. Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
  9. Platner, Colorado
  10. Blunt, South Dakota
  11. Mott, North Dakota
  12. Minot, North Dakota

Fall Stops

  1. Alden, Kansas
  2. Plains, Kansas
  3. Richfield, Kansas
  4. Walsh, Colorado
  5. Lexington, Nebraska
  6. Blunt, South Dakota